85% food grade phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid Food Grade

Phosphoric Acid Food grade is widely used as pH adjustor in food industry. Also as important ingredient in softdrinks, such as Cola, Root beer…

Infomation about food grade phosphoric acid:

Phosphoric acid or orthophosphoric acid, chemical formula H3PO4, is a common inorganic acid, not easy to volatilize, not easy to decompose, almost non-oxidizing

  • Product Name: Phosphoric Acid Food Grade
  • CAS# 7664-38-2
  • Formula H3PO4
  • Molecular Weight 97.97
  • Package: 1600kg IBC net each
  • Purity 85% min. 80% or 75% min.

Food Chemicals Codex, Thermal process

Our food grade phosphoric acid is transparent liquid, made from Element Phosphorus ( Thermal process), not extracted from rock by sulfuric acid (PWA). Thermal-process acid with very low impurities and suitable for food purposes

Application of Food Grade Phosphoric Acid:

Phosphoric acid as acidulant in cola beverages; sugar refining; acid flavoring agent in jams and jellies; ingredient in bread dough and cake flour; yeast nutrient; cottage cheese production. 

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade
Phosphoric Acid Food Grade