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About us

PANCHEM was incorporated in August, 2004. and capital re-organizing with Yunmechem afterwards, which has 55-year history in phosphorus industry. Nowadays we have three manufacturing operations and one tank storage facility providing the capacity of 50,000 tons acid for international market. In addition, we also supply sodium tripolyphosphate,other phosphats, ethanol and fertilizers.

Our Story


Panchem focus on Phosphoric acid, Yellow Phosphorus  and related phosphoric chemicals like sodium, calcium, ammonium phosphates, also involved in product development, production, logistics and engineering service.

International Cooperation

With high-quality products and excellent service, Panchem has earned good industry-recognition and business reputation.Through long-term  cooperation with business partners, we established  joint-ventures with  famous international companies:

  • Lufen Clarient Chemicals Co. Ltd          ( Joint-venture with Germany Clariant Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Tianmu Chemical Co. Ltd                        ( Joint-venture with Japan Co-Op Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Jiguangshun Birla Chemicals Co., Ltd  ( Joint-venture with Indian Birla Group)

Our production facilities was certificated by ISO-9001 standard, we produce phosphoric chemicals with standards of  JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) or DIN. also customize chemicals according to specific requirement.

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