Product Name Formaldehyde 37% Solution
Synonym Formalin, Formol, Formaldehyde (37% solution), Methanol, Formaldehyde Solution, Formalith, Formic Aldehyde solution, Methanol Solution, Formalin, Stabilized, Formaldehyde
CAS  # 50-00-0
Formula CH2O
Packing in 200kg drums
Formaldehyde 37% solution


Medical science:

Formalin’s role in medical science is to preserve pathological sections, surgical instruments, and disinfection of wards. As formalin is harmful to the human body, some medical staff will experience symptoms due to long-term exposure to formalin, mainly itchy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, and headaches.

Note: Medical staff will wear PE plastic gloves and formaldehyde-proof canister masks to prevent injuries. Ordinary non-woven cotton yarn masks and activated carbon masks cannot block formalin’s harm to people.


In biology, formalin is used as the medium for the preservation of specimens, and the specimens are kept in contact with the air by immersion to preserve them.