Phosphoric acid is used to make Russian version “Coca-Cola”


Phosphoric acid is used to make Russian version “Coca-Cola”. Russia beverage company begins to buy phosphoric acid to made its own COOLCOLA. 

After Coca-Cola withdrew from Russia, Russia created its own “Coca-Cola”… 

A Russian beverage maker has launched a new line of soft drinks to replace the iconic Coca-Cola brand that has left the Russian market, The Moscow Times reported.

On May 16,  Russian beverage manufacturer Ochakovo announced that, instead of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite, the company’s CoolCola, Fancy and Street are available for Russians to choose from.


Phosphoric acid is used to make Russian version  "Coca-Cola"



Ochakovo wrote on his website that CoolCola has “the signature flavor of Coke.” Meanwhile, the brand’s Fancy and Street bottles also mimic the color schemes of Fanta and Sprite, respectively.


Founded in 1978, Ochakovo mainly produces traditional Russian beverages, such as kvass, a fermented grain drink, and mead with a low alcohol content, according to the Moscow Times.


Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite have largely been off store shelves in the country since Coca-Cola announced it was suspending operations in Russia in March.

They can still be seen in some stores, though, but prices have skyrocketed by about 200%.


After seeing the Russian version of “Coca-Cola”, many netizens commented: “High efficiency”, and some people said “I really want to try it”.



Why is phosphoric acid added into the formula of Cola-style beverages?


  • Phosphoric acid is an important pH-regulator widely used in food industry.
  • A certain concentration of phosphoric acid prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Phosphoric acid is not expensive for food production.


Phosphoric Acid Food Grade


Phosphoric Acid as pH adjustor widely used in food industry




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